Sunday, July 12, 2009

the stars were out in number

since michael jackson's death there has been a shift, the world felt itself pause for a moment in the knowledge he is gone.  more polarizing than elvis, though he has twice the genius.  i hadn't read or seen anything that i identified with, until i read this:
...he's the man we never got to know, because everyone thought they had him pegged already.

who's bad is a michael jackson cover band that plays at every wilmington downtown sundown, a free show on the river.  i had gone the last three years and it was packed like i had never seen it before, like i knew it would be.  it was already scheduled, michael just happened to die a couple weeks before.  his death has introduced his music to a new generation.  
how can it be that often you have to die to become great?
i wove my way through the crowd and witnessed it from all different angles and with all sorts of people.  most people weren't happy about my crossings, but many understood, and some were actually pleased.

all this after a yoga & chocolate session with my friends errrn & carol.  the night felt like, bliss.  everything is better after yoga and this chocolate was the best kind: guilt-free.  
in celebration of the inner goddess calories don't matter, and it doesn't hurt the chocolate was vegan.  (i tried a cocoa bean and i'm not a fan, but i can appreciate how it gives birth to chocolate)

i hope for many more lovely nights
while in the meantime
i dance everyday

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