Thursday, July 2, 2009

sins of the poet

oh little bloggy blog, how i have ignored you.  life has been blessedly busy and lately i have been painting to unwind instead of writing.  mea culpa.

so what curious misadventures have i experienced of late?
a new direction with school: i've gone back to university to become an english teacher.  if i'm accepted into the program i've applied to then i will be moving towards a masters degree.  i bike to my summer class, and hide inside the cool for my online class.  it is a lot of overlapping content, but from different perspectives.  
it's good for my brain.

jessabean, mi hermana, is currently in costa rica after a trip to panama.  i'm glad to see her traveling spirit alive and well.  some pictures of her journey are on my friend ickes' blog: radical sabadicals: the adventures of traveling dirtbags.
my sister is dearest to me of all things.

the beach has been drawing me in, reminding me of the beauty of life and nature when i swim the the ocean's currents.  i have been writing a poem about it, and am working on a painting of a sunset over the ocean.  different beaches loll me in with their various personalities.  
but in each piece of ocean i feel the same freedom in the waves.  the feeling of laying on my back, supported by the ocean, slipping over the humps of waves is pure natural bliss.  the only thing possibly better is riding the waves on a reliable board, with the weight of the ocean behind you.

special thanks to 'carol' and the reverend cav for allowing me to escape to their beach.
and to you lovely readers, thank you for checking back.  i shan't leaving you hanging so again.  

& happy day of exploding stars

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