Friday, May 8, 2009

The heart has no brains

I was gchatting with Belltower, a friend I have only seen in person twice, and the virtual conversation came to his romantic woes.  I have given my heart to a girl who lives far away, he lamentedly typed.  I told him the heart has no brains without immediately realizing its truth.  Maybe this is the theme of my (and millions others') romantic lives.  He told me to use it somewhere.  Mission accomplished.

Springtime is a funny time for the heart; it dusts of its winter icicles and frolicks with the warmth from the sun.  You get more hollers from passing cars, like you catch more teenagers making out in darkened corners: the sudden friskiness brought on by shrinking hemlines and the warm-kissed air.  It's the classic season of twitterpation, romantic feelings flinging in many or one direction, and it's lively for not only humans but animals too.  Everyone wants to get freaky in spring.  In the animal kingdom there usually isn't much complication.  Unfortunately, this is not true in the human existence.  We over-think our urges.  It can get so complicated, the heart with no brain and the brain trying to speak for the heart, which it does not understand well but, you know, it can speak a few words here and there and they can get by in simple conversation.

How many odes have been written to spring, to love.  There will never be enough.  It can inspire poetry like I hope the spinning Earth rains days of joy onto your gorgeous face.  (Thank you, Jude).  Part of me loves the awakening of spring, the recklessness of feeling and fleeting moments of romance.  The heart willy nilly does what it wants to do.  The brain too often suppresses this in attempt to protect the heart, from what the brain is scared of.  It remembers heartbreak, it is the center of fear, the brain is full of reasons why to hold back feeling.  But why all the secrecy?  I don't understand it because I have little filter.  I often let my heart rule and people get startled by its openness.  My heart struggles to remain innocent.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs sing, 
there is no 
modern romance.
And a part of me believes it's true.  But the rest of me closes its eyes and believes there can be.

With Love & Happiness,

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