Saturday, March 28, 2009

before and after: grammar post-eec

even though i am in love with language, i do not always adhere to the laws of grammar.  like the life of christ was enough to change our western timeline, separating b.c. from a.d. ...

we are now living in a post- e.e. cummings world.

the rules have been bent unforgettably.  the direction of poetry has been altered forever.

i took one grammar course in college.  the professor of the class's greatest joy was that he was once in a jeopardy! question.  he once said something that stuck with me more than any of the 5,000 sentence trees we did.  he said the point of language was to communicate, and if the other person knows what you mean: what you're really trying to say, then you were successful in communication.  whether or not you say it "in correct grammar."
however you will rarely see me abuse this privilege of grammatical freedom.  i just live in a post-eec world.

know what i sayin'?

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