Thursday, March 12, 2009

Night o TeleVision

giggles is what i'm after. some good old fashioned brainwashing.

i had a bad date tonight.  one of the worst i've been on, the boy literally gave me a panic attack.  i had him take me home.  the pseudo-end of this story is i feel better alone.

so i took comfort in the office.  solece in 30 rock.  many laughs were expelled from me.  

then i watched jay leno.  i don't normally watch jay leno, and tonight he reminded me why.  to be honest i was surprised he didn't whip out his member right there and stroke it for the camera.  he hates women if they aren't sexualized.  it's evident by guests like the rock and some other dude.  (he did have a sultry young woman sing the blues for his musical guest, which goes with the generic  profile).  his jokes reflect how much of a man's man he is.  which is fine for him, but i don't relate.  bad women drivers, retarded 911 calls & police cam videos, a comic making fun of fat people on airplanes, blah blah blah.  it isn't that relevant, and it isn't charming.  i am a stranger to it.

and then jimmy fallon came on.  and get this: THE ROOTS is his band.  THE ROOTS: fucking score, jimmy fallon!  [i want to go on and on about the fact he features THE ROOTS on his show].  every one of his shows THE ROOTS will be jamming their little hearts out and i just have to say god bless you jimmy fallon and welcome to the charmed life.  [okay, for your: the beloved reader's sake, i'll move on].  fallon had some great guests and his little videos are funny and have great potential to the strongest part of his show.  his monologue was a little lame and  if that's reflective of his standard i would cut that traditional element of the show.  hear me, jimmy fallon?     hahahaha [jimmy fallon: yeah spins right on it].  
i will watch this show again if only to see THE ROOTS jam out.

i normally like watching movies in my bored down time.  but when i'm upset, i watch television, it calms me down like nothing else can.  when i'm sick, i watch romantic comedies.  (i am not proud of this).  we americans love our color boxes.

give me conan o'brien!  give me jon stewart!  give me stephen colbert!, and i shall be happy.

oh man, carson daly is coming on, i probably shouldn't waste any more time.  i have a super nintendo system to set up.  it's mine from third grade.  i had lost the power chord and a friend after finding this out, whipped out his magic iphone and went to ebay land proclaiming soonafter done! and a week later he's handing it to me.  the moment of truth is near, i can't wait to see if it works!  i don't plan on playing it tonight because i've had enough of staring at screens.  but i have to test it out!

i accidentally watched some of carson daly as i wrote that.  right now, korean doctor-comic "ken" is on who's actually kind of hilarious.  which is a nice contrast from carson daly.  oooo i'm fiesty tonight.  he's leaving so i'm shutting it off.  and signing off.

so dear reader, thanks for watching my brain empty.
(*variation attributed to Alain)

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